Waters Genealogy

Transcribed from Florence Pluma Waters Orcutt’s Genealogy Notes

Early History

Abner Waters, Sr. (1) (the first Waters of whom we have record) married Lydia Root, at Hebron, Conn.

Abner Waters, Jr. (2) one of their sons, was born in Hebron, Conn. In April, 1755, and moved from Hebron when about 8 years of age to Hartland, Hartford County, Conn.  He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, enlisting with the Granville, Mass. Company, which is just across the state line from Hartland.  He served in the army 11 mo. 23 da. With the rank of Private, under Capt. Libbins Ball.  This war record was obtained from the Bureau of Pensions at Washington.  After his return from the war he lived at Granville the next few years.  He then lived in Granby, Hartland County, Conn.  We next find him in Otis and Standisfield, Berkshire County, Mass., from which County he emigrated to Ohio in 1810, settling at Gustavus, Trumbull County, Ohio.

He bought 400 acres of land at 15 cents an acre.  At that time the land carried the burden of mighty forests.  Its giant resources were not yet realized and even its boundless extent was not yet known.

When Abner Waters Sr. (1) came to Ohio in 1810 his family consisted of 4 sons and 5 daughters whose names were as follows:

  • Abner Jr.               m. 1st Anna Brewster                 m.  2nd Lucy Manley
  • Laura,                   m. Hon. Joshua R. Giddings
  • Lura,                     m. Frederick Udell
  • Pheba,                  m. Lynus Jones
  • Solomon,              m. Anna Pelton
  • Lester,                   m. Laura Twitchell
  • Hiram,                   m. Esther Houghton
  • Chena,                  m. Luther Simons
  • Aruba,                   m. Elijah Youmans

Two sons of Abner Waters Sr. (Abner Jr. and Lester) were still in Mass., and as an inducement for them to come to Ohio he offered to give them 50 A. of land.

“On Sept. 19, 1813, Abner Waters, Jr. and his wife Lucy Manley Waters, started from Berkshire County, Mass. and arrived at Gustavus, Ohio, Oct. 15th, at his father’s log house.  The next day they went to work and cut down timber and rolled the logs together for a house and in 4 days they moved in, hung up blankets at the doors, and in a few days have a floor laid of hewed logs, and one partition for a bedroom.  They brought their beds and bedding with them; came in a 2 horse covered wagon, and cooked their meals by the roadside.  They would stop a day and do a washing in a stream of water.  When they first came to Ohio they attended church in Wayne (north of Gustavus) but in 5 years the inhabitants of Gustavus built a church and formed a membership of 19 members.  Abner Waters and his wife having two of that number and remaining in the church as faithful members.”  (Quoted from letter written by Aunt Lorena)

1st and 2nd Generations Review 

(1) Abner Waters, Sr.        b. April, 1758        d. Dec. 11, 1838

Lived at Hebron, Hartland Co., Conn., Granville, Mass., Granby, Conn., Berkshire County, Mass., and Gustavus, Ohio.

Soldier and Pioneer

(2) Abner Waters, Jr.        b. Feb. 1, 1782        d. Jan. 28, 1869

Lived at Hebron, Hartland Co., Conn., Berkshire County, Mass., and Gustavus, Trumbull Co., Ohio


(3) Milton Brewster Waters        b. May 12, 1812 at Gustavus        d. Sept. 26, 1882 at Mesopotamia, Ohio

Lived at Gustavus, Mecca, Harsgrove, Middlefield, and Mesopotamia, Ohio

Carpenter and Joiner; Farmer

Married Pluma Moore (whose mother was Alcinda Adams Moore) on Sept. 22, 1835

[There is a note which is obviously incorrect as a marriage date but is perhaps a birthdate for Pluma or a marriage date for Alcinda.  The note is “m. 1-31-1808”.  It is one of Fred Orcutt’s notes. Transcriber’s Note]

Children of Milton B. and Pluma Moore Waters:

  • Philander Milton   b. 7-31-36    m. Maria Reynolds          7-3-67
  • Darwin Whiting     b. 9-9-37      m. Nettie Scott                11-26-68
  • Laura Ann            b. 12-8-39    m. Waite Gardiner           8-15-83
  • Willis Moore        b. 5-4-40      m. Alice Bierce                5-19-64        d. 11-24-64
  • Lucia Lucinda*     b. 11-13-41  m. Orrin Bates                 12-22-64
  • Azilia Julia§         b. 5-1-41      m. Alba B. Martin            9-27-66
  • Robert Bruce        b. 9-3-45      m. Ellen (Nell) Armstrong
  • Orleca**§            b. 9-15-47    m. Orland J. Martin         12-25-72
  • Orpha Amanda     b. 8-4-42      m. Andrew S. Barnes      6-22-70

*Lucia’s middle name is in question from Fred Orcutt’s notes. His notes read: “(?Alcinda?)” and refers to the Waters Family Bible. [Transcriber’s Note]

** Orleca’s name is also in question; Fred Orcutt states that her name appears as “Orlia” in the Waters Bible. [Transcriber’s Note]

§Married Martin brothers, so their children were double cousins of Florence, Elva, and Ralph Waters

(4) Darwin Whiting Waters        b. Sept. 9,1837        d. Feb. 27, 1919 Family Bible says 2-26-19

Lived at Mecca, Middlefield, Huntsburg, Bloomfield, Austinburg, Ohio, and last 8 years of life at Sioux City, Iowa.

Occupation:  Farmer, Salesman (He also fought in the civil war under Generals Grant and Hooker and Sherman.  See 9thgeneration of Scott Family.) 

Married Nettie Scott, daughter of Frederic Scott of Huntsburg   Nov 26, 1868

Children of Darwin W. and Nettie S. Waters:

  • Katherine             b. Jan 15, 1870      d. in infancy
  • Florence Pluma    b. July 28, 1871     d. 9-8-62
  • Elvira Jane*          b. Jan. 10, 1875     d. 11-17-50
  • Calvin John          b. March 26, 1881 d. at 8 mo.
  • Ralph Milton        b. Oct. 9, 1883  (For Ralph’s Story, see 9th Generation of Scott Family.)

*Elvira Jane Waters married Edwin G. Hastings Sept. 16, 1902 at Austinburg, Ohio. (Unclear if Edwin or Elvira) d. 9-29-53 at Orlando.

(5) Florence Pluma Waters (Orcutt)         b. in Huntsburg, Ohio, July 28, 1871

Lived in Huntsburg; Bloomfield; Austinburg, and Cleveland, Ohio; in Holyoke, Mass; Middletown, Conn.; Sioux City, Iowa; Citronella, Ala.; Orlando, Fla.

m. Robert Orcutt Aug. 23, 1900 at Austinburg, Ohio

d. Sept. 8, 1962 (buried Woodlawn west of Orlando, Fla.) Note of her son Fred.

Children of Florence and Robert Orcutt:

  • Dora Janette                   b. Aug. 2, 1903      d. 10-4-47
  • Helen Elizabeth            b. July 3, 1906
  • Fred Scott                     b. Nov. 27, 1907
  • This listing is incomplete to respect living persons. [Transcriber’s Note]

(5) Ralph Milton Waters married Lulu Diehl Oct. 21, 1913 at Cleveland. Lulu was born 1-1-89

Children of Ralph Milton Waters:

  • This listing is incomplete to respect living persons. [Transcriber’s Note]

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