Orcutt Genealogy

Transcribed from Florence Pluma Waters Orcutt’s Genealogy Notes

William Orcutt and his wife Mary* came from Scotland and settled in Scituate, Massachussets.  With them were 2 children, William and Andrew born in Scotland.  The spelling of his name up to the latter part of the 17th century is given “Urquhart” but it is very probably that all who spell their “Orcutt” are descendants of this William Orcutt.

*Mary Martha Lane Married at Hingham, Mass in 1663-64.

1st Generation in America

William and Mary Orcutt

  • William        b. 1618 in Scotland (This first entry is not clear.  There are side notes indicating:  Fillongley, Warwickshire, England.  Came to America 1664.)
  • Andrew       b. 1666 in Scotland
  • John            b. 1669
  • Martha         b. 1671
  • Joseph         b. 1672
  • Mary AND Hannah (twins) b. 1675
  • Thomas      b. 1677
  • Benjamin      b. 1679
  • Elizabeth      b. 1682
  • Deborah      b. 1683
  • Susannah     b. 1685 (named for Thomas’ wife’s sister, Susannah)

Moved to Bridgewater, Mass 1685

in “Mitchell’s—History of Bridgewater, Mass”

2nd Generation

Thomas m. Jane Emerson and settled in Hingham, Mass.

  • Emerson     b. Aug. 1, 1713

3rd Generation

Emerson m. Mary Gardiner Apr. 3, 1735.  Settled in Scituate and moved to Abington, Mass. in 1750

  • Elijah         b. June 5, 1737 (84 Abington d. Dec. 1,1871)
  • Hannah        b. 1740
  • Mary           b. 1743
  • Emerson      b. 1746

4th Generation

Elijah m. Prudence Hayden June 4, 1770

  • Mary           b. 1770
  • David          b. 1772
  • Nancy          b. 1775
  • Hannah        b. 1777
  • Emerson     b. September 23, 1779
  • Mehitable     b. 1785
  • Elisha          b. 1788
  • Jane             b. 1791

Elijah Orcutt served in War of Revolution as Private in Capt. Edward Cobb’s Company, Major Carey’s Regiment, which marched July 30, 1780, on the “Rhode Island Alarm.”  He marched from Abington, Mass. To Tiverton, R.I.  (See “Mass. Soldiers and Sailors” Vol. II, pg. 662)  Record upon which Robert W. Orcutt’s membership in Sons of the American Revolution was based.

5th Generation 

Emerson m. Mehitable Vining (See Vining page for extensive research by Judy Orcutt Holy.)

  • Elisha           b. 1805
  • Emerson      b. 1806
  • Diantha        b. 1808
  • Lewis           b. 1812
  • William         b. 1817
  • Oran             b. 1819

Oran  m. Mary Jones       Apr. 8, 1858

m. Melana Winchester     Jan. 1, 69.

Removed to Austinburg, Ohio in Apr., ’58 – this was Edwin (your Grandpa) Orcutt’s uncle in whose shoe shop he worked till he started one in connection with his own shoe store in the brick block in Austinburg.  (See below.)

6th Generation

(William Orcutt Branch)

William m. Esther Daman of Hanover, Mass  Apr. 9th, 1837

  • Rowena (Fred Everson’s mother) m. Otis Everson
  • William Edwin b. Oct. 4, 1841, d. Jan. 8, 1911 (Your Grandpa Orcutt)

m. Anna Shaw – no children.  (Anna Shaw was your Grandpa Orcutt’s step-mother who made his childhood so miserable.)  (Photo of Grandpa William Edwin Orcutt below 7th Generation heading.) 

6th Generation 

(Oran Orcutt Branch)

This is not your branch of the Family but of great interest because Oran Orcutt and his 2nd wife Melana took Edwin into their home after his father died, and he was part of their family till he married.  Brad and Will and Orpha were like brothers and sister to him.  Uncle Oran lived and had his place of business on the corner where later Myron Porter’s store was.  Then Ed Phelps lived there.  It was Orpha who kept house for them and mothered the Boys after their Mother died.

Oran m. Mary Jones

  • Ellen Frances
  • Mary Williams m. E.H. Girney (sp?) (Agnes Pinkerton is her child.)
  • Oran Bradford (Brad)  his wife is Lora who lives in Calif.  Brad died before 1900.  They had 2 children – Mildred and Wade.
  • Joseph Wilson (Will)  His wife was Fanny Guernsey and they had 2 children –  Della who is Principal of a school in Waterloo, Iowa – and Guernsey who is an attorney in Pittsburgh.  Will Orcutt was State Senator in S. Dak. At the time he was killed by a runaway train (I am not certain that “train” is the word.  It could be “team.”) – thus his wife Fanny went back to Osage, Iowa with her 2 children Della and Guernsey.

m.     Melana

  • Edith –  Fred Mills wife
  • Orpha m. Dr. Fred Hart   They had Edith and 2 Sons.

7th Generation 

For Photographs of William Edwin Orcutt, see Orcutt page.

William Edwin m. Deborah (Dora) Cook Jan. 17, 1864.  Dora b. 1848, d. Nov. 17, 1886

  • Edwin Otis (Otis)   b. Feb. 21, 1867, d. 1915          m. Katheryn Smith          Apr. 20, 1892
  • Willard Merton      b. Sept. 9, 1868         m. Lydia Emerson Woolever            Sept. 10, 1894
  • Walter Winfred      b. Apr. 30, 1870        m. Nellie Elizabeth Ochsner             March 25, 1896
  • Robert William    b. Feb. 2, 1874            m. Florence Pluma Waters              August 23, 1900

William Edwin (Grandpa Orcutt and known among his friends in Austinburg as “Ed Orcutt” served in the Cavalry during Civil War.)  

8th Generation 

Edwin Otis m. Kathryn Smith

  • Roger          b. April 13, 1896 – d. April 15, 1896

Willard Merton m. Lydia Woolever

  • Willard Emerson             b. Apr. 22, 1899              m. Gretchen Riemenschneider
  • Edwin Paul (Paul)            b. Oct. 7, 1900                m. Margaret Orr
  • John Bruce (Bruce           b. Apr., 1904                  m. Dessie Ochsner

(Bruce and Dessie had a ranch in Miles City, MT, and wrote poetry.  I remember fond stories about these two families but am fuzzy on details.) 

Walter Winfred      m. Nellie Elizabeth Ochsner

  • Pearl            b. Dec. 22, 1896                                 m. Phillips Austin
  • Clara Mae    b. Jan. 16, 1909                                  m. Anthony Flamer (sp?)

Robert William    m. Florence Waters

2 thoughts on “Orcutt Genealogy

  1. In case it’s useful – JW (Will) Orcutt was my great grandfather. He was killed when a team of horses bolted and reared, the carriage he was in tumbled over him. JW grew up in Stacyville, IA. Photo of JW is available. He became a justice of the peace. He also ran a general supply store for awhile. Mary Jones died days after giving birth to twins who were un-named and did not survive, per family bible.

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