Florence Pluma Waters Orcutt’s Genealogy Notes – Transcriber’s Comments

Notes on the Genealogies and Lives of the Families

OrcuttWaters, Adams, Scott, Montague, Moore, and Hawks 


Florence Pluma Waters Orcutt with additional notes by her son Fred S. Orcutt, Sr. Blacksburg, Virginia 1974

Florence Pluma Waters Orcutt and Her Daughter Helen Orcutt Wilson

Here Florence holds her daughter Helen, my grandmother.

Florence’s notes were a key source in a novel which won the National Historic Research and Preservation Award from the Daughters of Colonial Wars.

All notes have been transcribed verbatim except where unclear. My notes are in italics.  I apologize for the many typos as this document has been split up and cut and pasted several times. Spacing is different for convenience. Photos of her handwriting are included where possible. All references to “you” were to her children, one of whom is my grandmother. Listings for generations stop with Florence’ generation to protect the privacy of living persons.

I can not attest to the veracity of my great-grandmother’s research. Aside from the Scott and Hawks genealogies, I have not verified it. I know that at the time of her recording it, it was believed to be correct.  However, at least one section of her notes has since been called into question ~ the issue of Drogo de Montacute.

There was much William-Seeking, as I like to call it, in the genelogical references of my great-grandmother’s era. This link was commonly reported as fact, but it seems to have been disproved in recent years.

There still seems to be a lot of William-Seeking in our own generation, though having studied the Normans, I can’t understand why on earth anyone would be proud to be descended from them. Rather nasty folks.

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