A Partial List of Names Noted under Genealogy

In the coming weeks, I will be moving the family history resources I’ve been hosting as a resource for others. They are currently housed at I am shifting from Network Solutions to WordPress for the love of all things free.

Partial List of Names Currently on and coming to

The list is here only to show the searcher that a name is here and to strengthen visibility on the internet. It is not designed for browsing unless you have really good reading glasses. In some cases, places are listed as well. Some of the people listed are not related but influenced our families and are on the site.  If you find what you are looking for, proceed to the Genealogy links in upper left column and open the various documents within those pages. Once inside a document, click on “Edit” and select “Find” then type in the name you seek.

Aberdeenshire; Adam of Urquhart; Alcinda Adams; Charles Frances Adams; Daniel Adams; George Adams; Henry Adams; John Adams, President John Adams; President John Quincy Adams; Joseph Adams; Airchart-dan; Joseph Alden; B. James Alexander; Sarah Almeda; Alex Anderson; Minnie Anderson; Eugene Allen; John Robert (Bob) Andress; Lois Andress; Ellen (Nell) Armstrong; Phillips Austin; Capt. Libbins Ball; Mary Barker; Andrew S. Barnes; Orrin Bates; Beauchamp-Colclough; Bedfford; Alice Bierce; Adrienne Jean Bowditch; Anna Brewster; Bridget, daughter of Beauchamp Colclough, esq. of Bohermore; Bridgewater; Deacon John Bronson; Hattie Bryce; Caithness; Carlisle ; Castlecraig; Col. Israel Chapin (sp?) ; Charles II; Mattie Chase; Church of Saint Mary and All Saints of Fillongley, Warwickshire; Ed Clapp; Fred Clapp; Samuel Church Clapp; Lucy Clark; Sophia Clark; Elder William Collins; Deborah (Dora) Cook; Cornelia; Cronykil; Cullicudden Old Church; Esther Daman; Martha Davis; William de Hurchard; Drogo de Montacute; Drogo de Montagu; Drogo de Montagud; de Monte Alto; John de Urchard, Lord of Cromarty; Galleroch de Urhart; de Urquhartt; de Vrquhartt; Deerfield Massacre; Lulu Diehl; Mary Doolittle; Abigail Downing; Duxburrow New Plantation; Earl of Cromarty; Earl of Warwick; Ecclesiade de Urchard, ultra Invernys; Edson; Deacon Samuel Edson; Edson, Edson; Emchath; Jane Emerson; Susannah Emerson; Fred Everson; Otis Everson; Mary Fenton; Fillongly; Anthony Flamer (sp?); Forbes; Sir William Fraser; Rebecca Frost; Mary Gardiner; Waite Gardiner; George; Gershom; Hon. Joshua R. Giddings; E.H. Girney (sp?) ; Stephen Goodyeer; Grand River Institute; Russell Gray; Sadie (Sarah) Gray; GREGORIAN CALENDAR; Greenwich, CT; Grenwich; Fanny Guernsey; Jos. Hall; Harchard; Sarah Hard; Dr. Fred Hart; Edith Hart; Edwin G. Hastings; Hannah Hawks; Prudence Hayden; Hempstead; Hannah Hawks, Jonathan Scott, Mathie (sp) Margurite Mattison Herman; Amanda Hickox; Esther Houghton; Margaret Hubbard; William Hubbard; Mary Hulbert; Jos. Hurlbut; Inverness; Inverness and Ross Shires; Helen Ives; James IV; Lynus Jones; Mary Jones; Stanley Allen Judd; Helen Judson; Julian Calendar; Barbara Orcutt Keeton; William Tinsley Keeton; Kehtetukut; Philippa Kilvey; King David Bruce; King Edward I; King Robert III; King Robert the Bruce; Bruno Klug; Linda Kay Klug; Petra Emelia Klug; Katherine Lavinia Krauskopf; Laird of Cromarty and Urquhart; Martha Lane; Mary Lane; Mary Martha Lane; Selma Constance Lea; Lilias; Floy (Florence?) Clapp Little; Deacon John Loomis; Macbeth; Macduff; MacKay; George Mackenzie, Viscount Tarbet; Lucy Manley; Martha Whatlocke; Alba B. Martin; Orland J. Martin; Massasoit; Maud, sister to King Robert the Bruce; Abagaile Mead; Adrian Mead; Benjamen Mead; Benjamin Mead; David Mead; Ebinezer Mead; Elizabeth Mead; Hannah Mead; John Mead, Jonathan Mead; Joseph Mead, Martha Mead, Mary Mead, Nathaniell Mead; Oliver Deliverance Mead; Robert Baron Mead; Philippa Mead, Robert Bryce Mead; Samil Mead; Sam’ll Mead; William Mead Fred Mills; Thomas Minor; John Montague; Moses Montague; Patty Montague; Peter Montague; Richard Montague; Alcinda Moore; Alcinda Adams Moore; Alison Moore; Harry Moore; Joseph Moore; Lucy (Cowden) Moore; Pluma Moore; Phoeba Moore; Uriah More; Watson Moore; Willis Moore; Moray Firth; Mouat; Nairn and Banff Shires; Samuel Nash; New England; Michael Nightingale; Nomaster; Nomoster; Nunkatateset; Ochonachan; Ochonochan; Dessie Ochsner; Nellie Elizabeth Ochsner; Susanna Orchar; William Orchar; Orchoden; Andrew Orcutt; Barbara Orcutt; Barbara Sue Orcutt; Benjamin Orcutt; Clara Mae Orcutt; David Orcutt; Deborah Orcutt; Della Orcutt; Diantha Orcutt; Dora Orcutt; Dora Janette Orcutt; Edith Orcutt; Edwin Otis (Otis) Orcutt; Edwin Paul (Paul) Orcutt; Elijah Orcutt; Elisha Orcutt; Elizabeth Orcutt; Ellen Frances Orcutt; Emerson Orcutt; Florence Roberta (Berta) Orcutt; Frederic Scott Orcutt; Guernsey Orcutt; Hannah Orcutt; Helen Elizabeth Orcutt; Jane Orcutt; John Orcutt; John Bruce Orcutt; Joseph Orcutt; Joseph Wilson (Will) Orcutt; Lewis Orcutt; Lora Orcutt; Martha Orcutt; Mary Orcutt; Mary Williams Orcutt; Mehitable Orcutt; Melana Orcutt; Mildred Orcutt; Nancy Orcutt; Oran Orcutt; Oran Bradford (Brad) Orcutt; Orpha Orcutt; Pearl Orcutt; Robert William Orcutt; Roger Orcutt; Rowena Orcutt; Susanna Orcutt; Susannah Orcutt; Thomas Orcutt; Wade Orcutt; Walter Winfred Orcutt; Willard Emerson Orcutt; Willard Merton Orcutt; William Orcutt; William Edwin Orcutt; Margaret Orr; Mary Orvier (sp?); Ousamequin; Parish of Urquhart; William G. Pearcy; Anna Pelton; Minnie Peterson; Ray Pfeifer Edward Pfeifer; Sally Jane Pfeifer; Steven Pfeifer; Susan Pfeifer; Ed Phelps; Agnes Pinkerton; Pokonoket; Bridgeman Pomeroy; Elijah Pomeroy; Hannah Hawks, Jonathan Scott, Rev. Jeptha Pool; Pope Innocent the 3rd; Robert Port; Col. Elisha Porter; Myron Porter; Sarah Porter; Dr. Reeves; Lydia Reynolds; Maria Reynolds; Mary Richards; Sarah Richards; Gretchen Riemenschneider; Robert, Earl of Mortain (sp?); Lydia Root; George Ross; Elizabeth Scott Rowl; William Alexander Rowl; Delores Russell; Lon Russell; Mae Russell; Mary Russell; Sacchem; Satucket; Chauncey Savage; Martha Savage; Scituate; Hannah Scoful;  Henry Scoote; Martha Scoote; Thomas Scot; Aaron Scott; Abby Scott; Abel Scott; Abigail Scott; Chloe Scott; David Scott; Dolly Wright Scott; Dr. David Scott; Earl Clark Scott; Eber Scott; Edmund Scott; Eleazer Scott; Elizabeth Scott; Elvira Scott; Frederic Scott; George Scott; Hannah Scott; Hannah May Scott; Henry Scott; Janette Scott; John Scott; John Curtis Scott; John Frederic Scott; Jonathan Scott; Julia Ann Scott; Justin Scott; Lydia Scott; Martha Scott; Martha Janette (Nettie) Scott; Mary Scott; Mary Ann Scott; Montague Scott; Pheba Scott; Rachel Scott; Ralph Scott; Rebecca Scott; Samuel Scott; Sarah Scott; Thankful Scott; Thomas Scott; Henry Scotte; Martha Scotte; Thomas Scotte; Jennifer Seitz; May Wright Sewell; Anna Shaw; Annabelle Shelver; David Glen Shelver; Glen David Shelver; Selma Constance Shelver; Charles Gordon Siefkin; Luther Simon; Sir William, Earl of Ross; Dwight Smith; Katheryn Smith; Mary Smith; Southfeild, CT; Southfield, CT; Constant Southworth; St. Columba; Myles Standish; John Stanley; Simson Stoddard; Betsey Strong; Frances Sullivan; Martha Sutliff; Thane of Cromartie; Thane of Moray; Tutor John; Tutor of Cromarty; Laura Twitchell; Adam Urchard; Frederick Udell; Urchar; Urchard; Orquhart; Orquart; Urquhart; Urchard; Thomas Urchard; William Urchard of Cromarty; Urquhard; Urquhards of Burdfards; Adam Urquhart, esq. of Meldrum; Beauchamp-Colclough Urquhart, esq. of Meldrum and Blyth; Col. James Urquhart; Col. John Urquhart; Henry of Cromarty Urquhart; James Urquhart to France – Adam Urquhart to France – Lewis Urquhart to France; James Urquhart, esq. of Meldrum; John Urquhart; John Urquhart, esq. of Meldrum; Keith Urquhart, esq. of Meldrum; Lt. Col. George Urquhart; Patrick Urquhart; Patrick Urquhart of Meldrum; Sir Alexander Urquhart of Cromarty; Sir Hugh Urquhart, Earl of Ross; Sir John Urquhart of Craigfintry; Sir Thomas Urquhart of Cromarty; Sir William Urquhart; William Urquhart, esq. of Meldrum; Wm. Urquhart; Urquharts of Newhall, Monteagle, Kinbeachie and Braelangwell; Walter Urquhart; Mehitable Vinsing; Warwickshire; John Washburn; Abner Waters; Ann Hastings Waters; Aruba Waters; Azilia Julia Waters; Barbara Beale Waters; Barbara Louise Waters; Calvin John Waters; Chena Waters; Darwin Diehl Waters; Darwin Whiting Waters; Elva Waters; Elva Jane Waters; Elvira Jan Waters; Florence Pluma Waters; Hiram Waters; John Calvin Waters; Katherine Waters; Laura Ann Waters; Laura Waters; Lester Waters; Louise Waters; Lucia Lucinda Waters; Lucy Manley Waters; Lura Waters; Martha Scott Waters; Michael Hastings Waters; Milton Waters; Milton Brewster Waters; Orleca Waters; Orpha Amanda Waters; Peter Darwin Waters; Pheba Waters; Philander Waters; Pluma Waters; Ralph Waters; Ralph Milton Waters; Robert Bruce Waters; Solomon Waters; Thomas Hastings Waters; Willis Moore Waters; Guilielmus Wetherall; Joane Whatlock; Martha Whatlock; Thomas Whatlock; Joane Whatlock, Martha Whatlocke, Thomas Whatlocke; Henry Whittemore; Ella Wheeler Wilcox; Mary Belle Wilhil; William the Conqueror; William, Duke of Normandy; Harold Dwight (Pete) Wilson; Hannah Hawks, Jonathan Scott, Joan Elizabeth Wilson; Nancy Florence Wilson; Richard Wilson; Sarah (Sally) Jane Wilson; Melana Winchester; Col. Ruggles Woolbridges; Lydia Emerson Woolever; Wrghward; Dolly Wright; Dr. Charlie Wright; Paul Wright; Smith Wright; Wruhurt; Wyntown; Elijah Youmans; Samuell Eaton; Francis Newman; Benjamin Fenn; William Leete; Joshua Hughes; John Richardson; Stamford, CT; Wethersfield, CT; goodwife Knapp; goodwife Stocke; goodwife Buxton; goodwife Webb; goodwife Emry; Bethia Mead; John Ketcham; Joseph Hadley; Gabriel Leggett: New Haven, CT; Capt. Thomas Williams; Roxbury; Daniel S. Mead; Field Point Circle; Lydia Smith Mead; William J. Ferris; John Lawrence; Oliver Wolcott; Field Point Park; Zophar Mead; B. Altman of New York and Paris; Claire and Hugh Vanderbilt; Huldah Mead; Byram, CT; Riverside, CT; Hempstead; Long Island; Westchester County, New York; Fairfield; Rev. Wakeman; Abraham Frost; Shippan Point; Hannah Potter; Myanos Neck; Hosack Meadow; Coscob; Croch; Patrigs List; Angell Heusted; Elizabeth Neck; James Ferris; Stanfford; Clement Buxton; New Yorke; Widow How; Richard Crabb; Mr. Gould was authorized “to give them ye oath of freedom, at ye next court of Fairfield;” Daniel Mead; Elisha Mead; Zachariah Mead; Richard Mead; Waccabuc; Gibson County, Indiana; Stephen Mead; War of 1812; Lexington Alarm; Mercy Mead;   Gabriel Mead; Goodman Mead; Dorchester, MA; Cos Cob, CT; Lydd; Kent; Mary Davis Barker; Martha Barker Davis: Jeff Shelver; Jeff Skjelver; Danielle Skjelver; Danielle Mead, Hake, Halkins, Hawkes, Hawkins, Hawks, Willson, Sarah Wilson, Taplan, Elizabeth Taplan, Frank Taplan Wilson, Frank Taplin Wilson, Wilson Trailer Company, Janesville, WI, Spencer, Taplan, Adam Spencer Wilson, Berta, Ghaki, Roberta Orcutt, Rachel Mead, Northview Terrace, 3400 Nebraska Street, Sioux City, Iowa, Citronelle, AL, Harold D. (Pete) Wilson, Harold Dwight Wilson, called Pete, Pete Wilson, Florence Elizabeth Wilson, Mildred Wilson Persinger, Helen O. Wilson, Helen Orcutt Wilson, Florence Waters Orcutt and Robert Wilson Orcutt,Dora Orcutt Andress, Frederic Scott Orcutt, Roberta Orcutt Seifkin Hitchcock, Joan Elizabeth Wilson, Nancy Orcutt Wilson, Nancy Florence Wilson, Sally (Sarah) Wilson Judd, Helen Elizabeth Orcutt Wilson, Mt. Aubin, Graceland Cemetery, Frank T. Wilson, Kate Jenkins Wilson, ofSara Jane (Sally) Wilson Peter, Elizabeth Taplin,  Adam Spencer Wilson, Will Wilson, George Wilson, Sarah Wilson, Mary Wilson, Sarah Ellen Wilson, William Wilson, Ellen Wilson, Kate F. Wilson, Frank T. Wilson, Nancy Wilson Orcutt.  Florence Mead, Adelbert F. Jenkins, Fred Adelbert Jenkins and Grace Jenkins, Howard S. Wilson,  Florance E. Wilson, Florence Elizabeth Wilson, Mildred Ruth Wilson Persinger, Logan Park Cemetery, Marie Jenkins, Fred Jenkins, Kate Florence Jenkins Wilson, Mildred W. Persinger, Clarence A. Persinger, Florence Elizabeth Wilson, Howard Spencer Wilson, Harold Dwight (Pete) Wilson, Sara Jane (Sally) Wilson Peter, Jeannette Persinger Huff, C. Wilson Persinger, Kate Jenkins Wilson, Frank Taplin Wilson, Mildred Ruth Wilson Persinger.Clarence A. Persinger, Mildred Wilson Persinger; Jeannette Persinger Huff,  C. Wilson Persinger, Elva Waters Hastings, Ralph Milton Waters, Janette Scott Waters, Darwin W. Waters, Darwin Whiting Waters, Florence Waters Orcutt, Ghaki, Elva Waters Hastings, Ralph Milton Waters, Martha Janette Scott Waters, Nettie Scott, Nettie Waters, Dora Orcutt Andress, Gene Andress, Eugene Andress, John Robert Andress, Bob Andress, Frederic Scott Orcutt, Robert Orcutt Seifkin Hitchcock, Florence Waters Orcutt,  Dora Janette Orcutt Andress, Graceland, Hilldale, Pearl Austin, Elizabeth Orcutt, Walter Orcutt, Betty Austin, Phil Austin, Dora Orcutt Andress, Fred Orcutt, and Roberta Orcutt Siefkin HitchcockWalter Winfred Orcutt, Elizabeth Orcutt, Nellie Elizabeth Ochsner Orcutt, St. Onge, SD, Clara Mae Orcutt Flamer, Anthony (Tony) Flamer, Peter Flamer, David Flamer, Judith Flamer, Stephen Flamer,  Pearl Orcutt Austin, Willard Merton Orcutt, Lydia W. Orcutt, Bill (Willard) Orcutt, Paul Orcutt, Bruce Orcutt, Uncle Mert, Helen Orcutt Wilson, Edwin Otis Orcutt, Willard Merton Orcutt, Walter Winfred Orcutt, and Robert William Orcutt, Pat Orcutt Horton, Judith Orcutt Holy, Ochsner, Lydia W. Orcutt, Willard Merton Orcutt, Bill Willard Orcutt, Edwin Paul Orcutt, John Bruce Orcutt, Aunt Lydia,  Lydia Emerson Woolever Orcutt, Otis E. Orcutt, Willard Merton Orcutt, Walter Winfred Orcutt, Robert William Orcutt, Uncle Otis, Edwin Otis Orcutt, Kathryn P. Orcutt,  Otis Orcutt,  Roger Orcutt, Aunt Kathryn, Helen Orcutt Wilson, Kathryn P. Smith OrcuttLydia Emerson Woolever, Prof. J. Waldo Mather, G.W. Mooney, Oberlin, G.F. Mooney, Fred Andrus, Mr. A.C. Woolever, Elma S. Woolever, Anna Johanna Pederson, Anna Johanna Eidem, Grini Prison Camp, Mary Martha Lane, Susannah Orcutt Edson, Jane Emerson, William Orcutt, Thomas Orcutt, Mary Gardiner, Emerson Orcutt, Prudence Hayden, Elijah Orcutt, Mehitable Vining, Linda Kay Klug, Linda Shelver, Glen Shelver, Petra Klug, Bruno Klug, Anders Andreas Lauvas Eidem, Helen Wilson, Helen Orcutt Wilson

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