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Neurological Health – Perhaps it’s time.

Here’s the deal. I’m fat.

I’m also thinking I can do some things to make my brain more …. able to retain. My 84 year-old mother’s recent MRI was a shock to me. Here is a woman who has taken impeccable care of herself all her life. Never overweight, never excessively eating or drinking or fasting or anything like that. Ate almost exclusively whole grains and food from the health food store for the last 40 years. Exercised moderately 3-7 times a week. Great blood pressure, low cholesterol.

And yet there is all this dead matter in her brain.

Perhaps it runs in the family, and I can’t escape it. My aunt thinks my grandmother had the same challenge late in life, although there was no MRI for her. So all this dead brain matter. Not dementia. Not alzheimers just a massive loss in short term memory and the ability to connect things that would have been a snap a decade earlier.

The neurologists, all of whom are shockingly fit, said that a neurologially healthy diet is far more stringent than a cardiologically healthy diet. High in Omega 3s, low in Omega 6s, moderate intake in terms of quantity at one sitting, and much exercise which is very neuro-protective. “Almost monastic” was the term used for an ideal brain healthy diet.

So to return to the key point, I’m fat. And I’d like either to be pushed off a cliff at age 80 or to protect my brain so as to enjoy my 80s. Then again I like cheese.