Dolnstein, Luther, Workshopping a Novel. "The Hundred: A Novel of Young Luther and His World"

Workshopping a Novel: Preface.

The Hundred: A Novel of Young Luther and His World

I have been working on two Luther novels for more years than I care to admit now. A full initial draft of the second novel is done, and I am presently adding to a draft of the first novel. I have decided to put chapter drafts out there on the interwebs, as they say, as I get to them. By “out there” I mean that two writers’ groups will workshop this with me. Through Scribd, the public will also have access to the work as it happens, and will have the opportunity to provide feedback. The cover is more a visual aid than anything else, but input on cover design is welcome too.
This public approach has several purposes:
  • To generate feedback on drafts. 
  • To allow those with an interest in the book to watch it unfold. 
  • To open Luther’s world for the curious.
  • To motivate me to finish a project that has driven my academic research for a number of years. 

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