Anna Johanna Eidem – Courage Incarnate

One of the many loose ends I would like to research is the history of Anna Johanna Eidem, my husband’s great-great aunt. The story goes that she was a deaconess in Oslo during the Nazi occupation. She was walking a group of preschoolers down the street when they encountered a uniformed Nazi.

He told Anna to get the children off the sidewalk so that he could pass. She spat in his face and spent the rest of the war in a prison camp.

According to Petra Klug, Anna’s niece, she survived, but the experience ruined her health. For years, I assumed that Grini Prison near Oslo was where Anna spent the war, but Ottar Dahl thinks not. This was apparently a camp for people who posed a serious threat to Nazi rule in Norway. Joseph Robert White, a scholar of the Nazi era, confirmed for me that Anna was not in the records for Grini. I would like to learn where she was held prisoner.

Here is Anna as a Lutheran deaconess. There is no year for the photograph.