Gunnerud House

Gunnerud House in Summer

From Earl Lokken, who has written a history of Brinsmade, ND, I learned that our home was built in 1914 or 1915 by E.O. Gunnerud. Gunnerud had a number of hardware stores in the area. Before building this house, he lived in a temporary shack for several years until he could afford to build. This was a common practice among the early 1900s residents of Brinsmade. The house was moved to its present location by Norell Lotvedt in, I believe, the 1960s. The view below is from the southeast. The southern section of the house was an addition in the 1990s. The section next just to the north used to be an open porch. Many originally open porches in North Dakota have been enclosed. Obviously, people found them entirely impractical for North Dakota’s long, harsh winters.

Below is a view from the northeast. The structure is probably a kit house like the Sears Houses that are so abundant in this region. The small north foyer seems to be a later addition. The central room downstairs, facing east, was the room where Lokken attended Lutheran youth parties when this house was in Brinsmade, ND. My hope is to document the history of the house as nearly as possible. More will follow.

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