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A Bright, Brilliant Day!

65 degrees and glorious. Yesterday, I made progress on the encyclopedia entries and cleaned a building at our heavenly Prairie Village Museum with the children during breaks from their activities.

Today’s professional goals are:

1) 2 languages: Italian and Latin.
2) Polish & perhaps finish the encyclopedia entries.

Today’s personal goals are:

1) Enjoy the children and their busyness.
2) Feed them.
3) Attend to paperwork and household chores.
4) Exercise and eat well.

Life & Work

A Dreary, Cozy Day

41˚ and overcast. Yesterday was Memorial Day. We woke the children early to plant flags in the cemetery with the American Legion, attended a service, watched Chosin, grilled steaks, baked bread, and played Justinian. It was a wonderful day in spite of the cold.

Today the kids’ summer activities begin in full force. In the midst of all the fun, I have two professional goals:

1) Two language projects – Russian and Danish today.
2) Polish encyclopedia entries with my mother, who is also my editor.